Friday, 28 January 2022
  • Plane Sunset
  • Lake Eyre

    Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda South Australia

  • The Grampians / Gariwerd

    The Grampians / Gariwerd - Vic

  • The Flinders Ranges - SA

    The Flinders Ranges - SA

  • The Wimmera plains - Vic

    The Wimmera plains - Vic

  • Goyder Lagoon

    Goyder Lagoon - South Australia

  • Ayers Rock

    Uluru NT

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A Kube Aviation article on about our services & Lake Eyre flight on NEWS.COM.AU

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The Wimmera - Mallee Silo Art Trail

Sheep Hills (top) & Patchewollock (below)


The Silo Art Trail is making news for all the right reasons.

In the Wimmera there are 6 huge concrete and steel silos painted with spectacular murals. These iconic wheat belt towers have been transformed with a wonderful makeover.

Starting from Rupanyup, the next silo northward is Sheep Hills, then Brim. Next is Rosebery followed by Lascelles and finally Patchewollock.

It's handy that Patchewollock has an airstrip and welcoming pub. We can stop there and have lunch, a pizza for dinner or just a drink.

Finally after lunch you return over Lake Hindmarsh and the Wimmera River near Jeparit.

This trip would take all day in your car and you'd see a lot of fences. You can fly it half a day including the stop, in our plane. You'll see much more and be relaxed and inspired on your return.

The cost is from $450pp (depending on where you are picked up from)

Check out the very latest photos and video on facebook - Fly with A Kube Aviation


Kangaroo Island-SA

Kangaroo Island off South Australia is an ideal location for a holiday for short break - swimming, fishing tours, local produce and much more.

It has recently been devastated by fires. The eastern end hasn't been as tragically affected. One thing we can do to help the community recover is to travel there and support the local businesses.

Only an hour and a half from Western Victoria and from only $1380 pp to get there including your 1 night accommodation and car!


Supporting Charities

Some of what you spend with us will go towards carefully selected charities. Regular donations have been made to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) in West Melbourne. This fabulous group of people care for a group the Government neglects, by providing personal support with Refugee claims, food, phones and all manner of practical support. 

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