Thursday, 23 January 2020
  • Plane Sunset
  • Lake Eyre

    Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda South Australia

  • The Grampians / Gariwerd

    The Grampians / Gariwerd - Vic

  • The Flinders Ranges - SA

    The Flinders Ranges - SA

  • The Wimmera plains - Vic

    The Wimmera plains - Vic

  • Goyder Lagoon

    Goyder Lagoon - South Australia

  • Ayers Rock

    Uluru NT

Living and flying clean and green

At A.Kube Aviation we believe it is important to make the smallest footprint possible on the planet. “I want to show it to people rather than contribute to its destruction through wasteful procedures”. The following practices are part of the way the company is run:

  1. The aircraft, a Cessna 210 was chosen because of its speed, size and economy of operation. With retractable landing gear and no wing struts, it has less air resistance and better fuel economy.
  2. The engine is turbo charged, meaning it flies higher and faster than regular aircraft for the same fuel use.
  3. The aircraft is flown ‘Lean of Peak’. This set up uses special fuel injectors and monitoring, which allow a cleaner running engine that uses about 15% less fuel than the standard set up - and increases engine longevity.
  4. A single engine aeroplane uses half the fuel of a similar sized twin engined aircraft and is still very fast.
  5. The aircraft is a meticulously maintained 1980 model. Keeping and caring for something rather than acquiring a new model just because you can, makes good environmental sense.
  6. The aircraft is maintained locally - at Horsham Aviation Services. Only 15 mins from home base.

The best way to encourage people to care for the world is to share its beauty. Whether its an unspoilt windswept coastline, a magnificent flock of pelicans skimming the waves on Lake Hindmarsh, the well tended farming plains of the Wimmera; the natural landscape is inspiring and from the air has a majesty all of its own. If everyone sees these views they will be far less likely to destroy it through neglect or intent.

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About Us


The company

Andrew Kube started A.Kube Aviation Pty Ltd in August 2013. He is the owner of the Company and will organise your next adventure.

This company has a partnership with ‘Wrightsair’ from William Creek. Wrightsair's 33 years of experience in the outback add valuable knowledge to this burgeoning flying business. The AOC is under 'LA & AM Matthews' - C 5903012

The history

The Kube family has a rich aviation heritage. Andrew’s father (Don) became interested in flying as he attended school and boarded in Nhill (1942 – 45) during the war years.

Don flew most of his life and Andrew was always an eager passenger whenever possible. They flew together in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia. So before he obtained his licence in 1996, he had seen vast areas of Australia from the air.

Andrew learned to fly while living in Mount Isa in North West Queensland. He was working in education and used his piloting skills as he worked amongst the remote Indigenous and station communities.

In 2011 a Cessna 210 was purchased. It was imported from USA – flown over the Pacific Ocean by the legendary Jim Hazleton. It’s a 1980 model with very low airframe hours with an updated engine and avionics upgrades, which make it an ideal touring aircraft.

In Dec 2012 Andrew’s family left outback Qld and returned to the family farm near Jeparit in Victoria’s Wimmera. Andrew had accrued over 1000 hours flying in outback conditions and then in early 2013 obtained his Commercial Pilot's licence with Hugh Brownlee from the Wimmera Aero Club. Shortly after Andrew formed a partnership with ‘Wrightsair’ from William Creek and is working under their Air Operator's Certificate.

The mission

I’m following a passion and love for flying that I would love to share with others. From the air everything looks different and your perspective changes. Flying is a safe, relaxing way to travel long distances and an interesting way to see from the air familiar sights that you have seen from the ground.”

What does A Kube Aviation bring to the Aviation industry?  “We bring generations of aviation experience, people skills and an appreciation of all that our early flying pioneers have done to make aviation the incredibly safe industry that it is today". 

The future

The team is growing - now with a trainee maintenance engineer and stand-by pilots and aircraft. We are ready to take you and your party wherever you dream to go.

A Kube Aviation as a business is new and fresh – but draws on a rich experience in aviation.



Why every flight is special

Attention to safety

  • The Cessna 210 is meticulously maintained by the nationally renowned ‘Horsham Aviation Services’.
  • The Cessna 210 has a low ‘total time’. It is one of the best examples of its type in Australia.
  • A.Kube Aviation fly under the licence of LA & AM Matthews – based in William Creek SA. They are vastly experienced, have been in operation for over 30 years and oversee the operation.
  • A.Kube Aviation only flies in safe flying conditions – (VFR – Visual Flight Rules).
  • Planning is vital. Thirty years working in education has shown this, so every trip is well planned.

Attention to comfort

  • The Cessna 210 aircraft is a high-speed tourer. The high performance allows the passengers to travel above the heat and turbulence, enjoying the expansive views.
  • The Cessna 210 is an excellent viewing platform. The wing is above the cabin – there are no wing struts or landing gear to impede the view through large windows which is excellent for photography.
  • Your pilot is experienced in the sometimes challenging flying conditions of the inland and knows how to make your journey smooth and relaxing.

Attention to passenger needs

  • Every scenic flight, outback tour or charter is designed for you. The ‘Outback Tours’ are tailor made to the needs and desires of the passenger. There is no ‘one size fits all’ at A.Kube Aviation.
  • We have many ideas and suggestions of trips that may interest people drawing from years of flying all over the country.
  • Your pilot is aware of the need for smooth flights, comfort stops, and that the ‘journey’ is just as important as the ‘destination’.

"Flying always excites me and is never just a job. I love the focus of every take-off and landing. I never tire of taking in the incredible views out my window."

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