Monday, 08 August 2022
  • Plane Sunset
  • Lake Eyre

    Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda South Australia

  • The Grampians / Gariwerd

    The Grampians / Gariwerd - Vic

  • The Flinders Ranges - SA

    The Flinders Ranges - SA

  • The Wimmera plains - Vic

    The Wimmera plains - Vic

  • Goyder Lagoon

    Goyder Lagoon - South Australia

  • Ayers Rock

    Uluru NT

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There are times when you want to travel quickly – your time is too important to be sitting for hours in your car.

Why not organise a charter flight with A Kube Aviation? It will be 'Your trip done your way'.

Also - we fly Carbon Neutral. All of our projected flights for 2022 have been offset by buying Carbon Credits. Yes we can fly and not destroy the planet!

You will arrive relaxed and ready for work.

  • You can leave from your local area
  • You can work while travelling in the plane – using your phone, computer or social media. Your phone coverage is better than on the ground.
  • You can relax while travelling – taking in the great views out of the panoramic windows.
  • You could travel with your colleagues and have a meeting along the way
  • You can arrive where you want to be – not in the middle of a bustling city needing long and slow road transfers

Take a look at our journey planner and see how long it will take you to travel to locations in South East Australia – you will be amazed at how quickly you can get somewhere. 

Then contact us for a quote. Our prices are very competitive. it's cheaper than a taxi and three times as fast!

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"It is a pleasure working with A Kube Aviation when organising our charter requirements. No job is too big or too small. Everything about the service is extremely professional and first class. His communication before, during and after the booking is impeccable"

Kate Pilgrim
Executive Assistant
West Wimmera Health Service



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